-With all the energy and charisma of someone who just returned from a Hawaiian vacation, but then had a Red Bull…or five, E.Z., is the new web TV Host/Actor/Dancer/Rapper/Entertainer taking Hollywood by storm one RED CARPET at a time. This versatile entrepreneur has most people asking one question: "How do you do it?" While juggling his three companies, recording his upcoming collaboration CD, and what no other words can describe better but "networking his butt off", this man still finds time to hang out at places like Kim Hefner's house or chill in V.I.P. with Hollywood’s biggest stars, but this of course is just part of his work and with over 1,000 celebrity interviews under his belt on his own show, which has garnered over one point five million views in less than eight months, E.Z. is definitely someone to watch and to look out for!!

E.Z. is the CEO and founder of “What U Need TV” (web TV), “E.Z. Studios” (music production), and “What U Need Productions”, Inc. (graphic design). In fact, he wears many hats (besides his trademark ones that always bling), including MC, Marketing Guru, Web Host, Rapper, Dancer, Music Producer, Web Personality, and Actor! P. Diddy "Watch out" E.Z.'s on the rise with strong follow-up and business relationship skills and solid reputation combined with his outgoing urge to know everyone and anyone makes him extremely well-connected in the industry. This is what enables his companies to turn dreams into reality for up-and-coming entertainment talent, promotional events, and businesses. From behind the scenes to the main attractions, E.Z. has strong ties. As he likes to put it, "I'm the man who makes it 'EZ' on you."
So you want to see what this red carpet talk is all about? Ever wonder what Academy-award winning actors like Richard Dreyfus really has to say about the industry? Want to know what actually goes on behind the scenes of rap videos like Three 6 Mafia's "Lollipop" or Tyga's "Coconut Juice"? This show is like a team of paparazzi with permission: beautifully organized chaos. Just check out his web TV show on You Tube, called What U Need TV (WTV), and you'll see what all the hype is about. Get a glimpse of exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with over 1,000 celebrities anywhere from the up-and coming to Hollywood's elite A-list. E.Z. and his team have been personally invited to over 500 entertainment-based functions, including upscale premiers, magazine parties, music video shoots, charity events, and industry networking mixers. Weather they are glamorous on a carpet, chilling in their studios, or even drunk in V.I.P., WTV finds out what you really want to know!

When he doesn’t cover events, E.Z. dedicates as much time as possible to his main passion, which is music. Alongside with Producer Calvin A.k.a. Loc of Locnus Productions, This true Emcee gets in his zone and busts legitimate freestyle with his own distinct style.

Music production and rapping are definitely his forte, which is why he created his other company, EZ Studios, a full production studio, located in Mission Viejo, California (where he grew up). It's headed by Loc (Loc-Nus Productions). Not only does the two-booth studio offer services to the public, but it's the site of much of E.Z.'s own album recordings, where his production skills and versatility of style become apparent. Tracks may be anywhere from "Dirty South" to get-you-off-the-wall-in-a-club dance songs, so catchy, you'll bob your head along with the chorus at first listening. His current collaborations are with Cashis (Shady Records), Qwes (50/50 & Konvict Muzik), and Quest, singer of the chart-topping hit, In the Air, Porscha Coleman, Young Keno, and Rosco Umali Just to name a few.

After working with head producer Detail and engineer Life, both of Konvict Muzik (Akon's Record label), and Dijon (Storm Protection), E.Z. was recently asked to contribute two songs to the soundtrack for the movie “Gurdian” of Gurdian Productions, starring William Romeo Mayhem (NBC's American Gladiators), due in theaters mid 2009. As a person, E.Z. is extremely business oriented, always looking outside the box, seeing everything as a potential new project or way to add to his current ones. Above all, however, when it comes to his NEW Management Team AEM, (Avenue Entertainment Management), business associates, and friends, he feels a complete sense of loyalty and trust, always taking action to help them achieve their goals along with himself. When talking about the entertainment business, E.Z. has said, "This may sound funny, but I want to change the game. Right now it's all about taking from people and not giving back. I want to change that. By helping out and giving back to new and deserving talent, I hope this mindset will slowly infiltrate into the industry and eventually change it." People like him because he makes everyone feel comfortable, showing respect not only to top industry people who can aid him, but to everyone, even the ones just trying to succeed, but don't let that fool you; the multi-faceted businessman knows the game and can be brutally honest if necessary. While the entertainment industry is synonymous with pretentious attitude, E.Z. is a breath of fresh air. He truly wants everyone around him to succeed and will selflessly share all that he knows to help others. Not only does “What You Need TV” embody what people need (and want) as viewers, but represents E.Z.'s work and the type of honest talent the industry needs today as a whole. IN SHORT (E.Z. DOES IT).


E.Z. has been interviewed by:

MTV NEWS, Ed Magik T.V., MAXIMO T.V., XLTV ONLINE, The Weekend Gamer, Genuine Vibes, Krush Magazine, Runway Magazine, 944 Magazine, Kassanova Magazine, (Articles, Write-ups, Artist Interviews, and many more.


Current Sponsors of EZ

Wings Limousines (Transportation)

Tutto Italy (Italian Suits)

Toxic Waste Clothing (Urban/Main Stream Street wear)

Xzavier Clothing (Urban Street wear)

Key Closet Clothing (Urban/Couture/Street Wear)

Cassanova Magazine (Article/Write-up, 1st. issue)

Search engines where you can find EZ

Google, Myspace, Aol, or Msn, You tube Search: EZ WTV or What U Need TV

Wire Image search : EZ or Runway Magazine

EZ Affiliates/Film, T.V. Projects in Production

Star Universe Film and Television (Sunset Gower Studios)

Joe Grande & David Kano – Movie “Swackers”

David Zito – Movie Breakin 3 Booguloo Kid

Runway Magazine E! Entertainment show Making the magazine – EZ is the Red Carpet spokes person for “Runway Magazine”.

WTV – EZ is CEO and Producer/Main Host

Tom Green Reality Show with A’kon’s Konvict Muzik Producer Detail

Johnny V. VH1’s Scott Baio 46 & Pregnant (Johnny is getting his own reality show with fox and guess who is playing his wingman? That’s right you got it E.Z.)

Music Projects

Take it E.Z. Produced by Detail (Producer for Ray J Sexy Can I)

On Loc (Collaboration with Qwes & Lance Konvict Muzik)

Guardian Movie (sound track), check IMDB for Movie


Over 1500 Celebrity Interviews

Omar Gooding Cuba Gooding Jr. Album Release Party

A’kon’s Studio Party

5 Fashion shows and counting



What U Need T.V. http://www.whatuneedtv.com

Tyga (Coconut Juice MTV Music Video Show)

Three 6 Mafia (Music Video Shoot, Broadcast live on “What U Need T.V.”)

Joe Grande AM 570 Sports Radio (Red Carpet Interviews)

Runway Magazine inc. (Red Carpets)

BET AWARDS PRE PARTY Rumba Room (Universal Studio city walk)

Playboy Mansion, Numerious Movie Premiers, (Freedom Writers, Norbit the Movie).

See http://www.youtube.com/whatuneedtv or myspace.com/symbolic


E.Z. also owns 2 other businesses

1. EZ Bands which is a fully functional graphic design company that specializes in myspace design for talent and companies.

(See http://www.myspace.com/ezbands) for details

2. EZ’s studios which is a fully functional audio studio.

(See http://www.myspace.com/ezsstudios) for details

http://www.youtube.com/whatuneedtv http://www.myspace.com/symbolic http://www.whatuneedtv.com http://www.whatuneedtv.tv


Other Sites Of His


About World Monitor TV

For all inquiries contact us: 310-205-2520 or Email: Editor@worldmonitor.tv World Monitor TV is a multimedia outlet providing extensive pre-event, live, and post event coverage with a global distribution. The footage includes latest celebrity events, exclusive interviews, Official Movie Trailers, Celebrity Sightings, Pop culture news, Celebrity Red Carpet Events, Celeb Interviews, Movie Premieres, Behind The Scenes, Highlights, B-Roll, Music videos, sports, breaking news and more... Http://www.worldmonitor.tv
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