Family Matters & Punky Brewster Star Exclusive interview with Cherie Johnson



Cherie Johnson actor author producer, radio talkshow host, on blog talk radio, was original from Pittsburg Pennsylvania recently she founded. Cherie is very private about her life, as mater of factno will ever know whom she is dating beside herinner circle friends and family members. As that is notenough she is holding down with seven other jobsin her hand, WOW! Talk about being busy, she is asuper wonder woman!
She does not like to be compared or even havepeople around her quoted by Cherie herself andcompares her as the next Whitney Houston wantto be. Just get the record straight Cherie does notdo any of the drugs or cracks even through she likes Bobby Brown for the her personal reason, sheview him as one of part of her inner connection inthe industries and looks up to him like an uncle <–straight from the source.
Lets move to her recent jobs on her hands includingher own radio sport talk show called “ The bottomline sport “. She is one of the co-host with Penny Hardaway and Charles Oakley, at the same time sheon blog talk radio channel. As that is not enough sheis also an editor at Success News Paper Companycalled At Large, they are based out of New Jersey,she keeping her self very busy these days with
second book coming out in the summer called “Peach N Cream “. The official release for the Peach& Cream book is on July 23, 2010 at the HarlemBook fair “← straight from the source. Man this girlis unstoppable now she is working with a fashionGlam Couture Magazine as part of the fashion writerand production films and many of her own projectswith BET. Cherie wrote a movie base on her ownperceptive of her life called know, “I DO.. I Do”. Cheriealso want her fans to know she had grown up from all the shows she done in the past, most of all she would like her fans to focus on what is going on with heras of today not have to compare her to the old dayswhen she was on Family Matter where as she played Maxine or some of other kids shows she was involvedwith.
Cherie perceptions about the other celebrity as oftoday are, as they need to wake up not about what is happening in our own backyard as simple exampleshe brought up in the interview “ USA imports almosteverything to outside countries, and such as Chinabut not gaining any import back in to the states, as aresult our value of dollar is losing face value vs othercountries dollars amount. She also talked about TMZ; Twitter is not CNN and official news and advise fansstop believing they are real news. Cherie talks abouther own life in the social media ruin her life as shefinding out more and more about herself which shedon’t even know, and as of today there are more kidsand adults are becoming technologic robots glued to
their computers, cell phones, PDA just to name a few,and over weight is becoming an issue also in our owncountry as she is also concern about how the futurewill turn out.
Cherie also gave a shout out Eric Zuley and his own show also known as the “ The EZ SHOW “ she beenloving every minute of it as she well as Cherie praiseabout getting people to listen to EZ and the man of upto date Hollywood news, entertainment or LA beforeany one else would get hold of as well as being partof his friend since the beginning of the Tiger music video shoot for Coconut juice and she is also a hostfor WTV news for the People magazine run waylaunch party. Cherie also is confirmed guest to the EZ birthday bash on March 25th no matter if she wasshooting a films, she will make sure she is there forhis birthday. Cherie continues to praised Eric’s workand success career as quoted by Cherie own mouth “I love it, I’ve been a EZ show fan for I don’t even knowhow many years now, and absolutely I have so muchfun and keep up with my boy and knows what is goingon in the inner circle.” Another quoted from her “ IFyou don’t know EZ, you need to get to know EZ he keeps the entertainment news up to date.”
Currently she is working on a movie called “ TheDead Sea.” As far as now she is not allowed to talkabout them to the audiences. She is also nominatedfor she and Kathie Scott write her first book “Aroundthe world twice”. The book it’s based on a celebrity
how they are just like normal human being andbeing an average homemaker, as quoted by Cherie“no matter what you do for a living a celebrity goesthrough the same thing what normal human being going through and just also teach woman power.”
She also talks about the tragedy for Japan earthquake victims she is very heartbroken for thepeople over there and she sent well wish and love on her way there to Japan.
Be sure to check back on the SECOND Interviewsoon ~ On the look out for MORE important and NEWup to date information on Cherie, for all your fans andlistens out there, will keep all of youup to date and we bring the exclusive news on CherieJohnson like no others, so stay tune for more to comethe SECOND leg of the interview with Cherie will only reveals to and no other media outlet!

Written By: Susan Hue


Listen to interview for your self (Raw and uncut)


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