Ellen talks to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis about the new movie Friend with Benefits


One of the breaking record selling hottest boy end of the 90s and early 2000s era from band of NSYNC, one of the hottest member in the group Nsync name Justin Timberlake has sprung out of his comfort zone from his band mates, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick   to become the newest king of pop solo performer in 2002 when he released his album ever new single Justified, sold well over 7 million copies worldwide not only that his second album FutureSex / Love Sounds in 2006 feature the hit single Sexyback, My Love, What goes around comes around ,  Summer Love . No wonder these boys are on top of the charts with all the hits he manages to put out.


With top charting songs wonder boy now is making another move into the world of Movie lands, with his first ever movie major role Alpha Dog, he plays the character Frankie Ballenbacher, after that we can safely say Justin got the “acting bug” he wanted to be more in a many movies roles, this landed him in several acting including animated movie such as Shrek the Third, playing as Artie Pendragon (Voice role), Southland Tales.  Justin ones again is climbing up the latter faster than any actor in Hollywood, nailing the role of Napster    character in Social Networking movie about Facebook as Sean Parker, which surpass every one’s expectation.


Actor Mila Kunis was born and raised in Los Angeles.  She has been in different TV show such as That’ 70s Show and the voice of Meg Griffins on the animal series of Family Guy.  Probably her most widely known roles she plays in as Lily in Black Swan which earns her a spot on Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding performance by a female actor in a supporting role.


Now Justin’s newly hit movie with actress Mila Kunis starting female role in Friend with Benefits. Justin talks about on the Ellen show; during the movie he has a scene that he is butt naked. Mila also talks about how awkward to be naked in front of Justin at the same time they both have mutual respect, as that is not enough her and Justin talks about there are tons of sex scene in the movie but they all had the fun at the day making the movie.


One way to find out will Justin and Mila end together as a couple in the movie of Friend with Benefits?

Guess we just have to see the movie to know the truth.


Far as Mila and Justin being a real couple is still a question and still will remains a mystery to the public, far as that rumor has it they are a couple, lord only knows, but what about Olivia Wild reports those two been dating for a while, that is the cause of the reason of Jessica Biel and Justin Splits after four long years relationship.


Which Girl will Justin pick next to be with Olivia or Mila, and Which girl will Justin says “ Bye Bye Bye “ time will tell, rumors will spill out as times goes by on which girl Justin is dating these days, could it be Justin is scoring double duties and hitting on two woman at once, will Justin be another Tiger Woods?

Or  could be true according to some insider  friends of says Justin already have an undercover love with a non-celebrity girl named kells , goes, by Gummy Kells as a nickname on myspace , inside sources in the past have not reveal the real truth to that , pro clam from many of their insiders  friends  claimed to be Justin is quote un quoted “Married ” to Kells.  Will this be true, nobody will know until its being reveal to the public in the future, could this be the reason why Justin dates  only Celebrity in public to get publicity ? we will just have to wait till the truth comes in the future about Mr. Timberlake.

All the questions remain a mystery until one day all it comes out then we shall know the real truth as who is Justin Timberlake dating and who is his mistress. Stay tune for more Justin Timberlake news and update in the future, I am sure more juicy details.


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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** Click below for Justin and Mila on  Ellen Show footage  **

Part 1 of Ellen talks to Justin Timberlake about the new movie Friend with Benefits

Part 2 of Ellen talks to Justin Timberlake about the new movie Friend with Benefits

Part 3 of Ellen talks to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis about the new movie Friend with Benefits

Part 4 of Ellen talks to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis about the new movie Friend with Benefits

Part 5 of Ellen talks to Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis about the new movie Friend with Benefits



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