~ Royal Couple Princes William and Kate Middleton are coming to the US & Canada in July ! ~



World favorite and famous British Couple newly weds Prince William and Kate Middleton also now has known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are coming to California the first time,  for a visit between June 30th to around July 10th the real itinerary places and date is yet to be confirmed due to security reasons as well as through the continues of their adventure to Canada according to inside source. Some of the places in their minds are to visit in Canada are Ottawa, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories after their adventure routes continue move on to the Arctic than their last stop before heading home to UK are to travel to California.



Neither Prince William at age 28 and Kate at the age of 29 has never visited any of the states in the US nor Canada for that matter, both are says to be very excited planned the trip together, this will be their first vacation together as a couple outside United Kingdom.


Who will be hosting the couple stays in California during their visit one might ask?


Some source has mention about David and Victoria Beckham could be possible play as host when the royal couple comes to California in July, for those who wants to get a glimpse of the royal couple as well as the world-famous soccer player with his lovely singer wife from the Spices Girls, better reserves some of the table early at their favorite spot of outing.


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