Famous Rapper M-Bone has been murder in Inglewood , California on Sunday May 17th, 2011.


Well- Known rapper by the name of M-Bone his real name was Monte Talbert was killed last night in a shooting around the Inglewood City in California, many of his rappers friends were sadden by this sudden death of his. M-Bone was part of the swag member community as well as part of the family.


The shooting was around Sunday night outside  of a liquor store on La Brea Avenue, one of the car had opened fire on M-Bone who was in the car at the time, they did not catch the suspect since they quickly drove off as soon as they knew M-bone was dead. Some of the witnesses were on hand to see the whole thing went down. One of his friend smoove was there but did not get a good look of the suspect’s car. As according to Smoove tweets quoted  “Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip mbone.”


M-bone had grew up in Inglewood as well as his others swag members, his best well known songs were “ Teach Me How to Dougie” at the same time he was part of the group’s dancers and have been in several YouTube videos, as himself performing to the “ Adavnce Dougie” song


Rumor has it that M-bone was the target in one of the girl relationship had went sour, he was just back in town after his tour, and one of the girls on twitter he had a relationship with according to M-Bone’s friend they did not  get along at all , she began  threatening him through via twitter and them both began to cyber back slashing one another.


After the incidents have happened LA county cops learned that, the black car M-Bone was shot in belong and registered to the woman. As the LA county cops still investigated could this be set up one might ask? Or does this have  anything to do with the cyber war attack to get a revenge on M-Bone and why was he driving the woman car?  So many questions on the LA County cops minds. This comes to show you;  it’s not even safe to argue on via cyber world anymore. Hope everyone learns from this incidents , and hope history does not repeat its self on cyber war arguments.


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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