Per Perez Hilton : Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album to stream 5/18/2011!

If I hadn’t gotten it from Perez Hilton himself…one of Lady Gaga’s best friends, I wouldn’t believe it!  Seems that since Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album is starting to leak tracks that weren’t going to be released until 5/23/11, she has decided to just “PUT IT OUT THERE”~because that’s how she rolls…according to Perez:
Lady GaGa has made the A-MAZING announcement that tomorrow, Wednesday, her entire new album Born This Way will be streaming online!!!Fans in the UK will be able to hear it in full at from 7 am GMT. Resourceful fans will surely find ways to listen to the stream from other parts of the world shortly thereafter!
We are SO pumped AND we know exactly what we’ll be listening to tomorrow…all day…nonstop…without breaks…LOLz.  Thanks for this wonderful gift, wifey! SO exciting!!!
…Did we mention we’re excited about this? Ha!”
If the rest of the album is anything like the 5 singles that have been dropped so far, (Born This Way, Judas, Edge of Glory, Hair, and Marry the Night,) my prediction is that this will be the biggest selling album in the history of music sales.  Paws Up, Little Monsters!


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