Lady Gaga Releases "Born This Way" On Gagaville!

Born This Way comes out this Monday, and we just can’t get enough of what we’ve heard of it in GagaVille. As you may know Lady Gaga teamed up with Zynga and FarmVille to promote her latest full length album in “a way that’s never been done before” and boy is that for sure. Little Monsters can get a taste of Gaga’s world by exploring GagaVille decked in all its Monster glory from digital representations of Diamond shaped Jeff Koons Sculpture, unicorns, wacky sheep, and what would complete a Gaga filled world without a fountain that spews fire? For the last week fans have been able to interact with GagaVille; completing missions from Mother Monster to unlock single tracks, special Gaga prizes, and her album before anyone else.
Again, Lady Gaga proves she’s a step above the rest, this album is truly something amazing and we can’t wait until it hits stores. Every expectation we had for it from the singles we’ve heard were blown out of the water. Born This Way is elegant, beautiful, cliché and vulgar in all the best ways. Will you hear more Madonna references? Yes, expect them. Will people get angry over this album? Yes, expect them too. In the end though, that’s the point. It’s no surprise that Lady Gaga lives to shock and make us angry, pointed out again in this lyric from “Bad Kids”: “I chew gum and smoke in your face I’m absurd, I’m so bad, and I don’t give a damn I love it when you’re mad.” Born This Way, through appropriated sounds and images, as well as some new and interesting twists and turns create a soundtrack of Gaga’s life experiences in order to connect and liberate those who have become so attached to her. We applaud Miss Gaga (is that ok?) for taking advantage of a medium and blending high art culture with low art culture. We also applaud the always-conscious Lady Gaga a way of allowing fans who may not be able to afford her album a chance to get it for free.  GagaVille is set to run until the 29th of May, and Born This Way comes out the 23rd. What do you think of GagaVille? Will you buy the Born This Way album? We want to hear from you!
By: KrisM


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