Best SNL ever hosted by Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga on the Season Final show Review and Recap ! In case some of you miss the show !

Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga on NBC’s show Saturday Night Live (SNL) duo mash-up season final shows and different skits can safely says it’s a success, not only Justin Timberlake have conquered the mission of as a host for SNL’s season final show at the same time, with different persona as deep into the character dressing as a beer bottle and with Lady Gaga dress as Wine bottle lady with the elegance looks of the curves on her perfect body, and togetherness defeating the tea bag to get out the public selling area.


With the perfect body that Lady Gaga has, she defiantly pulls off the leather suits during the song of Judas it’s safely we can say, she is among  few of the female artist can pull it off and looking stunning good at the same time dancing on stage without any of the imitation what her fans will think. She done a wonderful and yet elegance of the song “Born this way” toward the end of the show.


Any one can pull it off with the different way of style of costumes changes it defiantly would be Lady Gaga and Just Timberlake.


Both Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga fans can say they are pleases with tonight show on SNL, Justin pulls off yet another Barry White show stun and with his unforgettable scene of acting skills, on one skit he forgets one NSYNC band member name “ Chris Kirkpatrick “ to bad he was not the real one, would be cool if he was there, and would be even cooler if all five member of NSYNC was there, all the die heart fans would be satisfied because that is what all the die-heart fans are still waiting for hopping one day they can just reunite and to be on the SNL final show would make it extra special , sadly that did not happen.


Not only that Lady Gaga did excellent job and owning the character on the show tonight. This is defiantly a SNL moment and a show to remember on the history of the best SNL ever hosted by Just Timberlake and Lady Gaga.





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