MTV Movie Award 2011 the Most Dirtiest and Funniest Award show of the year !



Can I say these years MTV Movie Award was one of the funniest and dirtiest award show in  this year and  hosted by Jason Sudakis.

Quick high lights of the night of the award show, NOT only the best and dirtiest boob grabbing on Mila and best of all as she returns the favorite of grabbing Justin’s Penis as an act of the promotions their movie “ Friend With Benefits “ out on July 22 in Theaters, rumors to be couple Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.


In a sense, the best jaw dropping moment winner goes to Justin Bieber for Never say Never the movie, all well respect to Justin but, in a sense another well deserved movie should win I think was the Social Network.


Aside, from that, most of the award goes to Rob Patterson with the couple of the wins from the movie Twilight Saga Eclipse Best Male performance, Best Fight Winner, Best Kiss with Kristen Stewart and the Best movie award towards The Twilight Saga Eclipse. If not for the best kiss part, Rob Patterson stole the show and went kiss his cast mate Taylor Lautner once again, the endless of the little dirty show that MTV Movie award puts on this year is just out of the world amazing funny.


This year MTV Movie Award show, the generational award show winner they gave to Reese Witherspoon, which was well deserved and not only that there were a funny and dirty moment as well as unexpected Rob Patterson dropped the F word BOMB out the blue about “kissing your mother was the best moment in one of the movie scenes he had worked with Reese” to see his faces was priceless moment.  Reese not only told the audiences you don’t have to be a bad girl to be on TV or be in a reality show, everyone should be a “good girl” and still can be on TV, well deserved speech by her to fans and audiences guidance, just because you are a good girl does not mean you cannot be on a good show.


Last but not least most adorable moment goes to a little 7 years old girl for winning the Best Line from a movie is Alexys Nycole Sanchez from the movie “Grown Ups” with her clever speeches and won all the audiences heart by saying “ I want to get chocolate wasted” in the movie was so cute, as same as her own speech, this little girl won every single persons heart when she went up to receive her award, cutest sweet moment of all at the show.


Needless to say, the show fill with funny and most well deserves to win movie comes with great actor and actress, with all the dirty, F bomb , ass, boobs and penis grabbing and boys kissing boys this year, not one mishap came out to be a bad MTV Movie Award show tonight, it’s defiantly a night to remember of dirtiest show of MTV award show to go down on the history of the MTV Movie Award show, let see next year they can top that?


Written and Credit to Susan Hu



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