Review of my pre – screening of Friend With Benefits starting Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis ** WARNING ! Some ~ Spoiler Alert ! **


First when I get into the theater it was pack  for the pre screening of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Movie called “ Friend with Benefit “ that are set out to be in theater on July 22nd,was more than just a great movie


Infarct was an excellent movie if your are either Justin’s fans or Mila fans, or even enjoy a bit of a porn, but this movie is NOT for anyone who is under the age of 18. If they rated PG 13 I be shocked and surprise, there were too much sex scenes to be qualified as PG 13. The movie has yet been rated but I think it should be rated R in my opinion.


****!!! WARNING! !! ****  (Sorry for some of the spoilers, if you do not wish to read any spoilers please DO NOT read on, but if you decided to read on AT YOUR OWN RISK !!  ) Just had to warn you all!!  ** Video of the sound clips at the end of the blog !


Justin plays as Dillon in the movie and Mila plays as Jamie, all were very well done. Here is a bit of the story, when Dillon were flying into NYC for a job offer with GQ Magazine,  as Jamie already knew that Dillon have the job but, to make it interesting she did not tell him but to text him  after the fact he has been hired

(Not going to spill it for you all)  and one thing they both agree from the start to just be “ Friends “ as Jamie wishes.


The Sentimental parts of the movie was that they had a contract that when Dillon signs the paper after Jamie would get her bonus if Dillon have not quiet his GQ job before the contract was up, next up gets more interesting (not going to spill it for you) but then Jamie went on a date with another guy he is…. Blank

( not going to spill it ) doctor but only five dates they call it off why it had happened?  (Not going to spill for you) .


Dillon decided to take Jamie as his “friend” back to Los Angels to meet his sister Annie, his father and his cute magician nephew, (the scenes was funny lets put it that way…. Not going to spill the movie for you all). Something have happened in the middle of the movie made Jamie really pisses off and took a red eye flight back to NYC, at the same time she ignores Dillon phone, calls, text messages, so Dillon knew where to Jamie at, find out at the (Blank Building.. major spoiler not going to tell you all ).


At the end it was for Dillon father flew in to NYC to see his son Dillon, had a talk with him in the airport restaurant to get Jamie back (spoiler alert) no matter what the situations are they agree with stay with “just friends” Dillon, remembers what Jamie wanted was to be in a “real life movie”, so instead of renting a fake

(Spoiler alert) Grand Central Station, Dillon had it at the site of the real Grand Central Station and where they both talked and Dillon knew he makes a mistake and toward the end the movie Dillon  …

(not going to spoil for the end of the movie for the audiences) . SO I just leave at that….


Wants to find out what happened next BE sure to Watch the Movie out in Theater July 22nd national wide.

** Links below for  to the Video of the Friends With Benefits Sound clips**

Justin Timerlake and Mila Kunis FWB part 1

Justin T and Mila FWB part 2

Justin and Mila FWB part 3


Justin and Mila FWB part 5


Written and Credit to Susan Hu



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One Response to Review of my pre – screening of Friend With Benefits starting Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis ** WARNING ! Some ~ Spoiler Alert ! **

  1. mark says:

    i like review.cant wait to see the movie! 🙂

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