New Artist Definne on the rise with feature New song Watch Me Yank being played at over 7000 radio stations !


Watch out for this new artist arriving on the music scenes with a powerhouse multi project already going on his side of the game this newest artist by the name of Definne Un-Tame, a writer, rapper, producer, model and director of his own music video and movie called I don’t fit in this world, basically the movie scoop is about majority not been able to fit in this corporal world, we all feel that way from time to time I’m sure?


Not only Definne is a muti talent singer as well as have the look to be come the next star as a performer, threw out his career he have worked and open up with some of the high level cats and biggest name in the industries such as Snoop Dogg, JT, 50 Cent Bigga Figga as well Definne has done many of the appearances as himself on The Cw and MTV2 from cost to cost, at the same time he network with the most successful and talent boys of Ying Yang Twins and gain explorers by promoting himself since 2006 with different events including attending Grammy in 2006 as well as being in recent magazine called Explosion , had been a gust on the show of MI , very similar to 106ths and Park on BET Channel.


He likes to set himself apart with other artist by create originality in all the craft he is working on or have worked on in the past, he wants to leave a great impression and inspirational feeling to his fans at the end of each show not only have them walk way wanting more of his music but wanted to see more and more on stage as a performer.


Now Definne have a successful background of being as a performer as well as having the first single out called Watch Me Yank being release to 7000 radio station world wide including all Clear Channel stations, must be a in creditable feelings to have. Look out the newest artist in town is ripping out a fanatic tour in the near future city near you, be sure to check him out when Definne goes on tour? Information will be release later on watch out for more exciting up and coming Definne News at Vox Media Management .com

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* fans may request the song any time of the day to 7000 radio station world wold including all Clear Channel , Click this link below for further  details  and all confirm radio stations


* Click here to listen to the Interview here *


Definne Interview and New Song called Watch Me Yank !


Written and Credit to Susan Hu



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