Jackass member Ryan Dunn was killed in a tragic car crash late sunday night in PA


Ryan Dunn from the show Jackass passes away late Sunday night around      three am in a car crash with another passenger have also pass away whiles driving in the state of Pennsylvania on route 322 around West Goshen area. His mother Bam Margera had confirmed the tragic news on MTV site as well as the local radio station at 93.3 WMMR.


According to the Pennsylvania police the car was slammed into a tree and had burst into flames that they could not get out in time.


Just hours before the deadly car crash had happened, Ryan posted a picture of himself drinking with some friends of his on twitter. This should be a lesson for everybody out there Do NOT Drink and Drive, that may be the result .


We are saddening that Ryan pass away but it’s also a reminder to all of us after drinking and driving is no driving.


Written and Credit to Susan Hu


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